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AUPHONIX Blue Yeti Shock Mount & Pop Filter

Easy to fit | Delivers Perfect Voice Clarity & Professional Vibration Blocking | Ideal for Gamers & Gaming, Voiceover Artists, Podcasts & Podcasting

MAKE THE BEST FIRST IMPRESSION: DON’T LOSE LISTENERS because your recording sounds more like a bad beat box session than an A-List Recording. Superior AUDIENCE PLEASING SOUND begins with a superior shock mount and we combined the most advanced shockmount components on market, so you can record like the PROS, without the premium investment.
QUICK SETUP, NO ADAPTER NEEDED: SPECIALLY DESIGNED for the Blue Yeti Microphone, Blue Yeti Pro USB and Blue Snowball, this microphone shockmount contains multi-sized threads (3/8” & 5/8” threads) that fit US and European Microphone Arms - no adapter needed.
SHARE YOUR MESSAGE, NOT MISTAKES – MAKE THEM SHOUT FOR MORE with the ORIGINAL CUSTOM CREATED microphone pop filter optimized to offset the Yeti’s SPECIFIC absorption for picking up Pops, BP Plosives, Hissing, Thuds, Spit & Windbreaks – so they hear your message and meaning, not your mistakes

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