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Microphone Scissor Boom & Clamp - Compatible with Standard Shock Mounts - Microphone Stand for Desk or Table

Design: Our steel microphone boom arm with built-in spring balance, has a 2 pivot system, creating a heavy-duty, foldable scissor microphone stand. Space saving stability for reliable audio accuracy.
Adjustable: With a 270 degree rotation, a full 360 base pivot, and a shaft that supports up to 1.25kg and extends to 32.5”, this mic boom arm provides unbeatable flexibility and secure suspension.
Secure: Recording from a make-shift closet studio & need a premium quality, compact microphone arm? With its anti-scratch, padded table clamp, our desk mic stand frees up space & won’t slip or slide.
Versatile: Compatible with most shock mounts, with a standard 3/8” male threaded mic connector, this mic desk mount will compliment and upgrade any professional booth set up.

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