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Our Story

There is a Spiritual Solution for every Entrepreneurial Problem. 


Ashley Patterson is a 2x International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. She has decades of experience in customer service, business management, leadership, education, and operating systems. Through the years, Ashley has embraced and integrated spirituality into her implementation of entrepreneurship and authorship, and now she is eager to share her journey with you.


Spiritual Entrepreneurship is a multi-level course directed to help entrepreneurs, writers, and speakers to read the Bible from cover to cover, apply the teachings to daily your practice, use other spiritual literature to help define your personal journey, and develop the spiritual connection. 

Every entrepreneur has a unique journey. Sign up today and learn how to interpret your journey. 

What's Included?


  Classes are held every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 - 830 pm EST

  • One Year Live Group Course 

       ​(2x week for 30 mins)

  • Curriculum for Successful Reading Structure

  • Replays Available

  • Weekly Affirmations - Optional 

  • FREE Autographed Copy of Ignite Possibilities or Ignite the Hunger in You - Your Choice

        **Bonus material throughout the course**


Elevate with Ash Logo.png


Spiritual Entrepreneurship is $20.22 per month plus tax billed annually.
Elevate your journey for less than $1 a day starting January 4th, 2022.

Join Today

This is an Elite Acuity course. Taxes are automatically added to the total. 

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