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The Truth About 'Focus'

Focus is the cornerstone of our behavior and outcome. The truth is we create whatever we focus on. This week, take a moment to identify what you are focusing on.

Are you focused on something that upsets you? If so, how does that help you feel inspired?

Are you focused on growth? If so, what specific areas do you believe needs improvement?

Are you worried about people or circumstances that are out of your control? If so, how does that affect your energy?

Imagine yourself in an empty room—no TV, phone, radio, etc. Just you and your thoughts with no distractions. While sitting in this empty room, you think of a time when something so hysterical made you laugh so hard you cried. A time when you laughed so hard, your abs began to hurt, and you could not sit up straight from the amount of laughter. At this moment, in an empty room, you would create that feeling of joy, maybe even beginning to smile and laugh again.

If you find that you are focusing on the things that make you unhappy and upset, then let's shift the focus. Take a few seconds throughout the day to think about the things, people, places, and memories that remind you of happiness and joy.

If you find areas or team members in your business that frustrate you or make you question why you started the company in the first place, focus on why you started this journey. When, if ever, did it bring you joy beyond measure?

Remember, you don't have to be perfect as a business leader. Focus on the things that bring you joy. Your followers and team members are the resources for your vision. When you stay focused, you keep life and business simple and enjoyable!

Need a visual tool for focus? Click and watch this Focus Short throughout the day as a reminder.

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